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Professional Residential & Commercial General Electrician Service

Looking for professional residential & commercial electrician service for your home or business? Weaver Electrical Inc. has skilled electricians that are ready to assist with all your professional residential & commercial needs. Are you experiencing faulty or damaged wiring? At Weaver Electrical Inc we will schedule you a visit with one of our expert residential & commercial electricians. If you are In need of residential services for indoor or outdoor lighting? Weaver Electrical Inc. has electricians with tools that can diagnose in-home electrical problems. At Weaver Electrical Inc. it’s all about upfront and honest pricing. Are you remodeling your home or business? Our expert electricians can evaluate the space and help determine the electrical requirements in a safe and functional manner. Weaver Electrical Inc. and our licensed professionals can assist you with any wiring project. Call Weaver Electrical Inc for your professional residential & commercial electrician service.

Electrical Contractor in Maplewood, MN
Electrical Contractor in Maplewood, MN

New Full-House Wiring Installations and Replacements

If your current electrical system is outdated or you’re planning to renovate, let our professionals help you. We have been helping customers with their wiring installation and replacement needs for 26 years. Are you experiencing excessive light bulb burns out, flickering lights, dead outlets? This could be an indication that you are having issues with your electrical wiring. At Weaver Electrical Inc. we have licensed professional electricians who are skilled in electrical wiring installation and replacement services. Our professional electricians have the tools to get any electrical wiring project done safely and efficiently. Make sure that any electrical wiring is handled by a licensed professional. Weaver Electrical Inc has trusted licensed electricians experienced with full-house wiring installations and replacements. These professionals will ensure to complete the wiring and rewiring and that it is done accurately and up to code. At Weaver Electrical there is no wiring installation and replacement job too big or too small, it will be handled with quality and professionalism.

Tripped Breaker Box Repair

Is your breaker box not working properly? Weaver Electrical Inc. is family-owned and locally operated with a professional electrical team that has the experience and tools necessary to fix your tripped breaker box. We’ve spent decades overcoming challenges. Here at Weaver Electrical Inc. tripped breaker box replacement and installations are our specialties. We want to save you time and money with your tripped breaker box issues. If you are experiencing problems with your tripped breaker box, call and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives to assist with your scheduling needs. Weaver Electrical Inc. has expert electricians who are trained and professional. Don’t put off a tripped breaker box. If there are signs of electrical damage, contact a licensed professional. Are your circuit breakers tripping? Breaker doesn’t reset? At Weaver Electrical Inc. our breaker box repair is quick and efficient.

Electrical Contractor in Maplewood, MN
Electrical Contractor in Maplewood, MN

Fuse Box Conversions

Do you have an outdated electrical panel that needs a fuse box conversion?. If your electric panel is outdated this is dangerous and can cause fires. At Weaver Electrical Inc. we offer professional fuse box conversion. Weaver Electrical Inc. will provide you with panel replacements and fuse box upgrades. Our licensed electrician will also assist with the fuse box conversion installation and repairs. . Here at Weaver Electrical Inc. we will make sure that your fuse box conversion service is safe and accurate. A fuse box conversion will allow for you to have a safe and functioning electrical panel. Weaver Electrical. Inc. has trained professionals ready to install a properly functioning fuse box conversion for you. If you are in need of a fuse box conversion repair, we can send out one of our expert electricians to service you. Call Weaver Electrical Inc., our friendly customer service representative will schedule a time with a licensed professional today. Weaver Electrical Inc. is here for your fuse box conversion installation and repair issues.

Power Restoration Services

Are you a business or homeowner experiencing a power outage and need quick power restoration services? Here at Weaver Electrical Inc., we have rapid and efficient power restoration services. Our licensed professionals are available to provide you with quick power restoration. We thrive on helping our valued communities with power restoration among other various electrical issues. Electrical power outages can be a great inconvenience in the home or workplace. Weaver Electrical Inc. can provide safe, quick, and efficient service to have your power restored. Our experienced and professional electricians are dedicated to having your power restored as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Electrical Contractor in Maplewood, MN